Epicor in the Wild

Always dangerous to be doing errands with The Wife and just *stopping in for a quick item at the craft store*. I am blessed to have a reformed Sys Admin who evolved into a Graphics Designer and retired into Grandma Daycare. But those artistic tendencies are always there. After investigating all the nooks and crannies of the local craft store, I see this at checkout

So Craft Warehouse is running Epicor Eagle? I don’t get involved in the Eagle portion of the company too often though that is evolving. They do some nice work in the Merchant Processing arena – allowing an Epicor Customer like Craft Warehouse to handle credit cards at a much cheaper rate than other options. With my Daughter and Wife both working in that industry a decade ago its amazing the abusive prices many stores get stuck with when handling cards. An interesting business and cool to see some of our tech in the wild helping.

Also dangerous now that The Wife wants to support my Company by doing more shopping at Craft Warehouse. 😉

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