Epicor REST Intro

I am reposting my REST overview novel  over here from a few locations it has been published so I can update this as things evolve. This originated on a flight home after a long week of planning in San Diego to home in Portland, Oregon. It was one of those classic visit with the boss and stakeholders over vNext where *that should be simple* glint in the eye of a PM gets decomposed into meaningful efforts. Straining and taking a ton of concentration.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the folks I work with. I wouldn’t still be there after 17 years if I didn’t. The effort to decompose glint is VPs eye into a product is something I adore doing and have done a ton of in my career. There is a conflict of sorts when doing this and that’s welcome. ‘Conflict’ or really just different points of view is healthy. When done professionally and with a common goal it turns out wonderful result. But EXHAUSTING…. Combined with that being locked into a windowless office from 8 am until 6 or 7 in the evening does not give you down time to lounge on a San Diego beach 😉

In the middle of this the vLast effort is picking up steam and being adopted internally, in beta and just going public. Lots of in depth conversations and education and tons of confusion. After several dozen pings from every side I started to respond in disconnected Outlook, said the heck with that and cut and pasted into the stream of conscience shown.

Now that I have gone through an Insights presenting and seeing how different audiences react, I’ll probably be doing some edits. The embedded help in the product is quite good. The doc team I work with does a great Geek to English translation. I’ll probably go into some more depth now that Mobile CRM, the new Homepage and EPM are all public things. More is coming as REST is the way to communicate on the web today so continues to be leveraged as the wonderful platform it is.